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Vocabulary Quiz 08


Test your vocabulary with these 18 questions.

You can find the meaning and explanation for each question on the next page.


Perfect, you did it!

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#1. When I was a child I got £5 __________ money from my parents every week.

#2. The small decorative objects used to fasten the end of sleeves are called __________.

#3. In British English it's a pavement. In American it's a ______________.

#4. "That new play that opened in the local theatre last weekend bombed!" What's the meaning of bombed in American English?

#5. In American English it's an 'elevator'. In British English it's a ________.

#6. Inside a square there are 4 ___________ angles.

#7. He works in a factory as a __________ worker.

#8. The American term 'adobe' refers to:

#9. __________ are clothes you wear when you are sleeping.

#10. At a bus stop, the British form a queue. Americans _______________.

#11. Which of the following shapes has three sides?

#12. The American term 'slugfest' comes from German and means:

#13. A piece of woolly clothing which has buttons at the front and is usually worn on top of other clothes is called __________.

#14. What shape is a football?

#15. Pants mean underwear in British English but refer to __________ in American English.

#16. In many games we throw a dice (a six sided object), but what shape is it?

#17. What do we call the line from the centre to the edge of a circle?

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