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Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Quiz (3)


Take a quick quiz to test your knowledge of phrasal verbs. Choose from common phrasal verbs or less common phrasal verbs.

You can do as many 20-question quizzes as you like.

#1. To have a lot of stress is similar to being ______ down by a lot of problems.

#2. To reduce the amount you do something is the same as to ______ down.

#3. To fail to do something when someone is relying on you is the same as to ______ down someone.

#4. I don't think they can easily get ______ from prison.

#5. To write a note is the same as to ______ down something.

#6. That book will come ______ very useful.

#7. I hope you don't get ______ trouble again.

#8. To pass things from father to son is the same as to ______ down from generation to generation.

#9. The teacher was lucky to get the truth ______ of him.

#10. To make something appear less serious than it is the same as to

#11. To let something become less hot is the same as to let it ______ down.

#12. His aunt just died so he will come ______ a lot of money.

#13. The question didn’t come ______ so I was happy.

#14. The manager failed to get his ideas ______ to the employees.

#15. She said she would come ______ and visit today.

#16. Ok. it's time to get ______ to business.

#17. To relax from stress is the same as to ______ down.

#18. She is very well-paid, so she can get ______ without any help from him.

#19. To be hit by a car or bus is the same as to be ______ down.

#20. If it is raining very heavily, it is the same as to ______ down rain.



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