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Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Quiz (2)

Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Quiz (2)
Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Quiz (2)

Take a quick quiz to test your knowledge of phrasal verbs. Choose from common phrasal verbs or less common phrasal verbs.

You can do as many 20-question quizzes as you like.

#1. An epedemic of cholera (started quickly) after the earthquake.

#2. The Canadian swimmer came ______ first.

#3. I came ______ Schumacher at that big hotel.

#4. Nobody wants to come ______ as a witness of the crime.

#5. The idea came ______ her while she was reading “Hamlet”.

#6. The farmer himself came ______ the intruders.

#7. Will the stain come ______ if I wash it?

#8. Did he ever bring ______ that book?

#9. Being a teacher doesn’t bring ______ much money.

#10. Be careful! It's really fragile. I don't want it to come ______ in your hands.

#11. The properties will come ______ him on his father’s death.

#12. The terrible scene of the crime continues to come ______ to me now and then.

#13. Look how beautiful it is! All the flowers are coming ______. it's springtime.

#14. A dangerous criminal (escaped from captivity) a high-security jail today.

#15. He came ______ with a good solution to the problem.

#16. He was lucky to come ______ without any scratches.

#17. I wonder why his experiment never came ______.

#18. Can I bring ______ my friend?

#19. She had to bring ______ the children by herself.

#20. Does this bring ______ memories?



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