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General Literature Knowledge Quiz 07


Dear student, the knowledge in the questions below is about literature general knowledge as well as the most prominent literary works.

The total number of the questions is 17. Don’t give up if your answers were wrong, just try again and you will absolutely learn. Good Luck.


Perfect, you did it!

Don’t Give Up

#1. Which poem is written by Walt Whitman?

#2. Whose real name was Mary Anne Evans?

#3. Mirabell, Milllamant, Lady Wishfort are the characters found in:

#4. Who was American poet?

#5. Who was 'Poet Laureate'?

#6. Who was the eminent writer of the Restoration?

#7. 'Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven' has been quoted from:

#8. Which one is written by Arthur Miller?

#9. For which one Toni Morrison won Nobel Prize?

#10. 'O Lady! We receive but what we give'-has been quoted from:

#11. The period from 1649-1660 is known as:

#12. When did T. S. Eliot win noble prize?

#13. Who is the author of ‘The Dark Room’?

#14. Which one is not written by Robert Browning?

#15. Samuel Beckett's “Waiting for Godot” is a:

#16. 'I wandered lonely as a cloud' is an example of:

#17. ‘There are two tragedies in life one is not to get your heart’s desire. The other is get it.’ these lines were written by?

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