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Language Function Quiz 03


Here are 20 questions to test your knowledge of English Language Function. GOOD LUCK

#1. Girl : Don't worry. I understand completely.

#2. Wife : Well, I'm ready ! Husband : (Why don't you dress more smartly ? Do you like to look a mess ?)

#3. Secretary 1 : (Don't you try to pretend.) You've been behaving in this uncooperative way ever since you first started working here.

#4. Father : No ! And that's final. You'll not go to the picnic with those irresponsible friends of yours. Daughter : (I'll pack up my bags and leave home then.)

#5. Sheila : Shall I make a tray of jelly for the party ? Chin : (Oh, that will be nice !)

#6. Director : We need someone to draw the curtain at this point. Stage hand : (Well, I'll be free then. I can do it.)

#7. Teacher 1 : (They've improved considerably.) Nowadays, they can even write whole paragraphs without making many mistakes. Teacher 2 : How did you do it ?

#8. Child : (Mummy, I'm sorry I lied.) Mother : Well, don't do it again next time, alright ?

#9. Bully : I'll get you for this ! Don't think you can ever get away with this. (Nobody tricks me and doesn't live to regret it !)

#10. Mrs. Tan : Like me to pick you up on my way ? Miss Lee : (Thanks. That'll be nice.)

#11. Teacher : Now take out your Geography test books. I'm giving you a test. Students : (What ? You didn't tell us before hand ! We'll all fail !)

#12. Patient : It's really boring, lying in bed all day. Visitor : (Well, you'll soon be up and about.) Perhaps you should take up knitting or something.

#13. Father : What are you thinking of doing after Form Five ? Son : (Well, if I do well enough to get to the sixth form, I'd like to do my STP.)

#14. Son : Mum, I failed my English ! I don't know how it happened. (What shall I do now ?)

#15. Mother : Hello ! Had a good day in school ? Son : (Really a Black Monday !) Our teachers were short tempered, our class was like a pig sty and no food was served in the tuckshop.

#16. Pauline : Some people are just gifted artistically. Christine : (Yes, like you, for instance.)

#17. Girl : How can I ever trust you in future ? Boy : (On my honor, darling, I won't ever lie to you again.)

#18. Jacob : Anybody can stand on a stage, sing a song and jump around. (If I wanted to, I could, too.) I just don't like making a complete idiot of myself like he was doing.

#19. Fay : I don't really feel like going. George : (Oh come on ! We're all going. It'll be lots of fun.)

#20. Student : So, the meeting is at four, right ? Teacher : (That's right.)



Perfect, you did it!

Don’t Give Up

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