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Language Function Quiz 05


Here are 20 questions to test your knowledge of English Language Function. GOOD LUCK

#1. Right ! I'll see you then.

#2. Mei Ling : If you want to know, I failed every single subject. Ann 🙁 Really ? )

#3. I really appreciate the thought behind your letter. And, (I felt a little better after reading.)

#4. Don't be angry with me, alright, Mummy ? I would have told you beforehand if I could have.

#5. Boy : Going to town ? Girl : Yes. Boy : (Well, hop in.)

#6. Student : May I speak to you for a moment ? Teacher : (Well, I'm rather busy at the moment.) Come at ten if you're free then.

#7. Don't give up. You will understand it. Just keep trying and you will succeed.

#8. Father : Well, how was the test ? Son : (No sweat.)

#9. Child : Mother, can I come with you ? Mother : (I guess so. Come on, then.)

#10. Student : Good evening. Miss Tan, (I'm so glad you could come) ... but you look worried. Is anything the matter ?

#11. (Do come if you possible can. I'm eager to see you.) Also, its' now the rambutan season and my trees are laden. We can roam around the town too.

#12. George : Hospital ? What happened ?

#13. Will you come to the pictures with me ?

#14. (Your parents were very kind to me when I was a child) and it's the least I can do to try to repay their kindness.

#15. Father : Well, how did it go ? Son : (Only second place.) Tobias won first place with his Chopin Sonnet.

#16. Mrs. Tang : More rice, Dear ? Mr. Tang : (Thanks. I'm full.)

#17. Sorry. I'm not trying to be rude. I'm just used to speaking in this way.

#18. (Till we meet again, take care.) Please send my warmest regards to your mother.

#19. Girl : I think I'll enter the beauty contest. Sister : (Are you sure ? You're rather young.)

#20. Mother : Don't you touch my cakes ! They're for the party tonight.

#21. Son : I got a Grade 1, Mum. Mother : (Oh, well done !) I always expected you to do well.



Perfect, you did it!

Don’t Give Up

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