Home Language Language Function Quiz 02

Language Function Quiz 02


Here are 20 questions to test your knowledge of English Language Function. GOOD LUCK

#1. Man : Wow ! You're looking good !

#2. Boy : Will you marry me ? Girl : (Don't be silly. Who ever gets married at seventeen these days?)

#3. Darren : Are you coming for the concert ? (Andrew : Which concert ? I don't know anything about it.)

#4. Teacher : You got 60%. Student : (Only 60% ! )I expected to do better.

#5. Cathy : I wish I hadn't copied your essay ! Now the teacher will never trust me again.

#6. Kerry : We won the Thomas Cup ! (John : Are you sure ?)

#7. Father : I'm giving you five dollars for the week. (Eng Hock : It's not enough !)

#8. Jane : I just can't stand ... Joseph : (Yes, I know !) You can't stand talkative people. Well, no one asked you to listen.

#9. Rosemary : I'm sorry I'm late for the meeting. (Connor : It's all right.)

#10. Monitor : Why isn't the wastepaper basket emptied ? Harry : (It's Roy's turn today. He never does his duty.)

#11. (Sarah : I hope we will make it to the finals this year.) Jasmine : We'll all try our best.

#12. Sam : (Could you speak a little slower, please ?) I don't understand French very well.

#13. Abdul : Can you finish your assignment by Monday ? (Tammy : I'm sure I can finish my assignment on time.)

#14. Ashley : I'm sure Ryan took it. I saw him near at it and then, suddenly, it wasn't there anymore.

#15. Alan : Why do you look so gloomy ? (Gary : I am so sad. I feel like crying.)

#16. Peter : I'm afraid I've failed my driving test. (Jane : Don't worry, you can try again.)

#17. Daisy : She is going to America tonight. (Tom : Who cares !)

#18. Andrew : He is the most popular boy in school. (Heather : He is ? I can't stand him at all !)

#19. Tina : Who broke the glass ? It must be you.

#20. David : I wish I had his brains. Then I wouldn't have to study so hard. (Shirley : So do I.)



Perfect, you did it!

Don’t Give Up

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