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English Grammar Test (2)


Test your English grammar with this free online test

Want to know how good your English is? With our free English level test, you’ll get an understanding of your knowledge of English grammar and find out where you need to improve. The test consists of 39 short multiple-choice questions about English Grammar. We suggest you take 10-15 minutes to complete the test. As we provide the answers at the end, the test is only meant for fun and is not an accurate placement test.

#1. A: _______ the pancakes are burnt. B: Still, Hillary has eaten five of them.

#2. A: Are _______ the cupboards empty? B: No, Only the one on the left is empty. There are plates inside the other one.

#3. A: You _____ wash those strawberries. I've already washed them. B: Oh, good. Thank you.

#4. A: There are four radios in the attic. B: Yes, but _______ of them work. They are _______ broken.

#5. He gave me two music CDs, but I liked _______ them.

#6. Rebecca is usually _____ Beatrice because she is _____ her. She loves interacting with people.

#7. ____ of the five girls has short black hair. ____ of them have long brown hair.

#8. A: He is shouting at those children _____. Do you know why? B: Because they damaged his _____ car.

#9. Jackie has boiled water in the pot. She _____ some tea and probably she _____ all of it.

#10. A: You sounded _____ on the phone this morning. Is everything OK? B: I'm not _____. Don't worry.

#11. I am travelling to India _____ two weeks and I am going to stay there _____ the winter, too.

#12. Stacy travelled _____ one continent to another _____ bicycle last year.

#13. Don't forget to say "please '' when you want something from someone, dear. It is _____.

#14. A: _____ their boss _____ them a pay rise? B: No, he isn't.

#15. Sally met John _____ the new cinema in Brooklyn, not _____ Ivy Street.

#16. A: Tom _____ sad. B: He _____ his office next week. That's why he is sad.

#17. London is 45 km away from our city, but Oxford is 78 km away. Therefore, London is _____ to our city _____ Oxford.

#18. A: I don't want to leave my phone at the desk before I enter the exam hall. _____? B: Unfortunately, yes. It is the rule.

#19. A: Who will be the winner of the next game? B: I think our team _____ the other team. I have confidence in them.

#20. Bob is 79. Valerie is 79, too, so she is _____ Bob.

#21. A: Where is the vacuum cleaner? I can't find it. B: It is _____ the door, but you need to take it _____ its box.

#22. A: Of all the cities in the world, which city is _____ to the Equator? B: Quito. It is only 15 miles to it.

#23. Marcy usually worked _____ the weekend _____ the past.

#24. Eric visited his aunt at the hospital _____ the morning and called one of his neighbours _____ noon.

#25. In the Arabic love story, Layla and Majnun, Majnun walks _____ the desert to find Layla.

#26. She _____ his aunt in Egypt next month. She has already organized the trip. She thinks they _____ a great time together.

#27. Aaron and Milan are friends and _______ of them go to the same school. They are classmates, too.

#28. Alexander is 75 kilograms. Nick is 97 kilograms so Alexander is _____ Nick.

#29. _______ the paintings are exceptionally beautiful, but I love _______ them.

#30. _______ the eleven footballers in the team were happy about the final score _______ of them were sad.

#31. A: When did your cousins visit you? B: _____ Christmas Day _____ dawn.

#32. Edgar is _____ at tennis _____ his sister because he has practised a lot, too.

#33. A: _____ pay any money for this treatment? B: No, you _____.

#34. A: Can you see the turtle _____ the flowers? B: Yes, it is coming _____ its shell. It is not afraid of us!

#35. He wrote hundreds of poems, but he published _______ them.

#36. A: You are ill. You _____ in the balcony. It isn't warm outside. B: I'm wearing warm clothes. Don't worry.

#37. A: When is his birthday? B: It's _____ January 19tlh.

#38. A: _____ ask you a question? B: Yes, sure, but I _____ answer it if it is about my private life.

#39. Ian _____ classes next week because he _____ to another town with the baseball team.

#40. Ryan often goes to bed _____ midnight _____ Sundays.



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