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Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Quiz (1)

Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Quiz (1)
Phrasal Verbs Vocabulary Quiz (1)

Take a quick quiz to test your knowledge of phrasal verbs. Choose from common phrasal verbs or less common phrasal verbs.

You can do as many 20-question quizzes as you like.

#1. Please can you ___ a square of chocolate for me?

#2. I get so nervous when I talk in public that my skin ___ hives.

#3. He was driving the car so fast that he ___ the barrier of the car park. He just wasn't paying attention.

#4. When he spread the news, panic broke ______ in the city.

#5. We have to break ______ all our emotional barriers to feel free.

#6. After two hours of hard work, we decided to break ______ for a little cup of coffee.

#7. The firefighters had to break the door ______ to rescue the little girl.

#8. The burglar broke ______ the house and stole all their money and jewelry.

#9. Scientists will break ______ in their search for new sources of energy.

#10. I was late because my car (stopped functioning) on the way to work.

#11. I don't know why their marriage is breaking ______.

#12. They ___ prison by digging a tunnel out of the cell.

#13. I've locked myself out! But I can't ___ my own house!

#14. She ___ with her boyfriend last week so I'm going to go and take her some ice cream.

#15. Mary feels miserable, for she’s just broken ______ her boyfriend.

#16. She decided to (become independent) the network and work free-lance.

#17. Eva decided to (stop her relationship) with Tom when he lied to her.

#18. The terrified horses (forced through) the surrounding fence.

#19. The supervisor suddenly (interrupted) our telephone conversation.

#20. The student (lost control of her emotions) when she heard she had failed.



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