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General Literature Knowledge Quiz 05


Dear student, the knowledge in the questions below is about literature general knowledge as well as the most prominent literary works.

The total number of the questions is 15. Don’t give up if your answers were wrong, just try again and you will absolutely learn. Good Luck.


Perfect, you did it!

Don’t Give Up

#1. "The Rainbow" is a novel written by?

#2. "Lord of the flies" is written by?

#3. "Who trusted God was love indeed And love creation's final law---" -this famous quotation is taken from?

#4. Victorian Age starts from?

#5. "A Tale of Two Cities" is written by?

#6. "The Waste Land" is a/an?

#7. Literature of Victorian Age reflects?

#8. Who is the Creator of "Dramatic Monologue"?

#9. Who is the Writer of "Return of the Native"?

#10. "I’m Memoriam" is written by?

#11. Representative Poet of Victorian Age?

#12. "Heart Of Darkness" is written by?

#13. "Mrs Dalloway" is written by?

#14. Who is writer of the poem "Sailing To Byzantium"?

#15. "Animal Farm" is written by?

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