Home Language Language Function Quiz 04

Language Function Quiz 04


Here are 20 questions to test your knowledge of English Language Function. GOOD LUCK

#1. Student 1 : How did you do for the test ? Student 2 : (Better than I expected. 70%)

#2. Dear Tom, I could hardly believe my ears when I heard of your marriage. I thought you were a confirmed bachelor. Congratulations to you !

#3. Boy : So, the fact is, I've lost your father's watch. Friend : (Oh, no !)

#4. Younger sister : There's something outside ! It's coming closer ! Oh, help me, help me !

#5. Student : I'm sorry. I've lost your book. Teacher : (How could you be so careless ? Do you know how much that book cost ?)

#6. Teacher : Don't forget to read the questions carefully so that you won't give answers that are out of point. And keep calm. Don't worry, you'll do alright.

#7. Dear Marion, I was so sorry to hear the news of your father's death. I met Mrs. Tang in school yesterday and she told me what had come to pass.

#8. Victim trapped in building on fire : I daren't ! Oh ! I daren't !

#9. Mother : So you see, we can't go to the zoo today. Child : (But you promised !)

#10. Secretary 1 : I have such a headache but there is this huge pile of letters to be typed ... Secretary 2 : (Poor you !) Headaches are such awful things.

#11. Officer : I need a man for a dangerous mission. He must attract the attention of the enemy ... Private : (Let me go, Sir.)

#12. Sister : Call yourself a male ? A lily-livered coward !

#13. Mother : Calm down, now, both of you. There must have been some mistake.

#14. Teacher : Your brother used to be such a studious student and yet you are so lazy. Why can't you try to be like your brother ?

#15. Jacqueline : Well, he is handsome in a certain way. (But, John Travolta ! Now he really has that certain style which, actually, Robert Redford lacks.)

#16. Alice : I will never be able to repay your kindness to me and my family. All I can do is say "Thank you very much."

#17. But why can't I have a new dress ? I haven't had one for ages. (Mary is always buying new dresses. I look like a poor cousin next to her.)

#18. Headmaster : Tomorrow will be a school holiday.

#19. Daughter : I can't see why I can't go to the party. Everyone is going ! What a bore ! Mother : (Don't you dare talk to me like that !)

#20. Teenager : May I go, Mum ? Please, Mum. Mother : (Well, alright. But, be back by five.)



Perfect, you did it!

Don’t Give Up



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