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Reducing Relative Clauses Quiz 01


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#1. The most expensive rooms in the hotel were the ones_________ on the top floor.

#2. I met Fatima, the girl _____ overseas.

#3. The children __________ food by the organisation were extremely happy.

#4. A man __________ by everyone was killed last week in an accident.

#5. Students _____ early usually take the bus.

#6. An appeal ___________ by the Samaritans raised thousands of pounds.

#7. The man ________ the books and pens is the new economics and mathematics teacher.

#8. Jodie, ________ as one of the most influential people in the music scene.

#9. The new textbook,_______ at the university book shop, includes access to online activities.

#10. This is the logo ________ to promote the company.

#11. The man ____ at the cafe comes from Spain.

#12. The girl,_________ by a poisonous snake, was rushed quickly to the hospital emergency ward.

#13. Only one of the people ________ in the company is an engineer.



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