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Vocabulary Quiz 07


Test your vocabulary with these 18 questions.

You can find the meaning and explanation for each question on the next page.


Perfect, you did it!

Don’t Give Up

#1. I haven't got much to do at the moment; I'm just __________ until the new semester starts.

#2. Only trained lawyers really know the __________ of the legal system. It's very complex.

#3. Sports shoes, or 'trainers' in British English, are called __________ in American English.

#4. Investing in the stock market is risky but if you put your money in a high interest account it's as safe as __________.

#5. You can't avoid that homework for ever. __________ you'll have to do it, otherwise you'll fail the course.

#6. He can't hear anything. He's as deaf as a __________.

#7. My grandfather had a heart attack five years ago but he gave up smoking and started exercising and now he's as fit as __________.

#8. A: I saw Kerry eating a burger yesterday. I thought she was a vegetarian. B: She is most of the time but she does eat meat __________.

#9. They __________ because she was always late, so now she needs a new job.

#10. Will anyone be able to __________ now that's she's left the company?

#11. __________ my son is a very calm person, but this traffic jam is making him really frustrated! I don't usually see him like this!

#12. The raised part of a shoe underneath the back of your foot is called the __________.

#13. Compromise is needed in any relationship. It's really important to be able to __________.

#14. Usually my daughter is very naughty at school but this week the teachers say she's been as good as __________.

#15. A:What have you got me for my birthday? B: Your birthday's not for another week. You'll have to __________!

#16. I'm driving so I won't have any alcohol. I'll be as sober as a __________ all night.

#17. Wet weather footwear, 'wellington boots' (or 'wellies' for short) in British English, are called __________ in American English.

#18. He's very kind and good-looking but he's as thick as __________. I can't marry someone so stupid!

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