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Study & Quiz: Literature definitions 9


Dear student, first you have to study the following literature definitions, then test your knowledge about what you read on the next page. Good Luck.

Black comedy (الكوميديا السوداء): disturbing or absurd material presented in a humorous manner, usually with the intention to confront an uncomfortable truth.

Burlesque (هزلي): a humorous imitation of a series of works of literature.

Confessional poetry (الشعر الطائفي): an autobiographical poetic genre in which the poet discusses the intensely personal subject matter with unusual frankness.

Didactic literature (الأدب التعليمي): a kind of literary work by which you can get instructed or educated.

Elegy (رثاء): a formal poem that laments the death of a friend or a public figure.

Epic (ملحمة): a lengthy narrative describing the deeds of a heroic figure. This term usually applies to verse narratives.

Epigram (ايجاز): a succinct, witty statement, often in verse.

Essay (مقال): a form of nonfictional discussion or argument that is flexible in form.

Fables (خرافات): short prose or verse narratives that illustrate a moral. They are done by animal characters having human traits.

Morality play (مسرحية أخلاقية): a play representing an allegory of the Christian struggle for salvation.

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