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Study & Quiz: Literature definitions 10


Dear student, first you have to study the following literature definitions, then test your knowledge about what you read on the next page. Good Luck.

Non-drama (دراما يبانية): a ritualized form of Japanese drama involving masks and slow, stylized movements.

Mystery play (مسرحية غامضة): a short play based on a biblical story.

Problem play: a play that confronts a contemporary social problem with the intent of changing public opinion on the matter.

Tragedy (مأساة): a serious play that ends unhappily for the protagonist.

Verse novel: a full-length fictional work that is novelistic in nature, but written in verse rather than prose.

Novella (رواية قصيرة): a work of fiction of middle length. It’s simply a short novel.

Ode (قصيدة غنائية): a serious lyric poem that usually conforms to an elaborate metrical structure.

Parable (مثل): a short narrative that illustrates a moral by means of allegory.

Pastiche (عمل تقليدي): a work that imitates the style of a previous writer, work, or literary genre.

Non-fiction (غير خيالي): a narrative work reporting true events.

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