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Vocabulary Quiz 05


Test your vocabulary with these 10 questions.


Perfect, you did it!

Don’t Give Up

#1. The country has few natural resources and its economy has been _______ for some time now.

#2. The children's interest in playing the game soon _______

#3. Why not buy the dress on ______ then you can take it back if it doesn't fit your mother.

#4. It's as if that silly argument we had has driven a _______ between us and we've lost all our old closeness.

#5. Do you have any figures showing the _______ of left-handedness is in the general population?

#6. Sometimes a pension can provide you with a _______ sum on retirement as well as or instead of a monthly income.

#7. Take care that your love for him doesn't _______ your judgement.

#8. Marlene is quite _______ - I don't know she manages to fit everything in.

#9. Sources in France suggested that further _______ would be needed before they would agree to a deal.

#10. My sister likes wearing tight tops and close-fitting dresses but I prefer _______; sweaters and jeans.

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