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The questions in this quiz are from The Study of Language (THIRD EDITION) book written by GEORGE YULE.

This quiz is not only for BSED majoring in English but also for everyone, especially YOU!. . .

It contains different questions about the topic mentioned above. So, jump right in, and enjoy the quiz!


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#1. The (pen) is mightier than the (sword). The words between brackets describe:

#2. The lexical relation between (furniture/table) is:

#3. two words with the same form that are unrelated in meaning

#4. Theses opposites (fill it/empty it) are:

#5. a word used in place of another with which it is closely connected in everyday experience

#6. The lexical relation between (deep/shallow) is:

#7. The lexical relation between (move/run) is:

#8. the study of language in use by analyzing the occurrence and frequency of forms in a large collection of texts typically stored in a computer

#9. Theses opposites (high/low) are:

#10. Theses opposites (fail/pass) are:

#11. are pairs in which each member expresses the reverse of the other (e.g. husband/wife)

#12. two or more words with different forms and the same pronunciation

#13. Theses opposites (absent/present) are:

#14. The lexical relation between (damp/moist) is:

#15. a word having two or more related meanings

#16. The lexical relation between (married/single) is:

#17. The lexical relation between (peace/piece) is:

#18. Theses opposites (fair/unfair) are:

#19. a relationship between words that frequently occur together (e.g. salt and pepper)

#20. Theses opposites (appear/disappear) are:


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