Quiz | Morphology & Phrases and sentences 1

The questions in this quiz are from The Study of Language (THIRD EDITION) book written by GEORGE YULE.

This quiz is not only for BSED majoring in English but also for everyone, especially YOU!. . .

It contains different questions about the topic mentioned above. So, jump right in, and enjoy the quiz!


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#1. the grammatical category distinguishing forms of the verb such as present tense and past tense

#2. a morpheme that is inserted in the middle of a word

#3. a free morpheme that is a content word such as a noun or verb

#4. the analysis of the structure of phrases and sentences

#5. the grammatical category of nouns as singular or plural

#6. the grammatical category distinguishing first person, second person and third person

#7. a morpheme such as un- or -ed that cannot stand alone

#8. a term used in three ways; natural gender; grammatical gender; social gender

#9. the form of the verb used to say what happens to the subject

#10. the base form to which affixes are attached in the formation of words

#11. a morpheme that can stand by itself as a single word

#12. the analysis of the structure of words

#13. a minimal unit of meaning or grammatical function

#14. a free morpheme that is used as a function word, such as a conjunction or a preposition

#15. the form of the verb used to say what the subject does

#16. a bound morpheme such as -ish used to make new words or words of a different grammatical category

#17. a bound morpheme used to indicate the grammatical function of a word

#18. an actual form used as part of a word, representing one version of a morpheme

#19. the grammatical connection between two parts of a sentence, as in the connection between a subject and the form of a verb

#20. one of a closely related set of morphs


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