Quiz | Syntax & Phrases, and sentences 2

The questions in this quiz are from The Study of Language (THIRD EDITION) book written by GEORGE YULE.

This quiz is not only for BSED majoring in English but also for everyone, especially YOU!. . .

It contains different questions about the topic mentioned above. So, jump right in, and enjoy the quiz!


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#1. the underlying structure of sentences as represented by phrase structure rules

#2. an approach to grammar that is based on a description of the structures actually used in a language, not what should be used

#3. the analysis of constituents in a sentence showing which constituents are higher than and contain other constituents

#4. rules stating which words can be used for constituents generated by phrase structure rules

#5. the grammar must generate all the grammatical sentences and only the grammatical sentences.

#6. a grammatical analysis of how small constituents go together to form larger constituents in sentences

#7. rules stating that the structure of a phrase of a specific type consists of one or more constituents in a particular order

#8. rules that are used to change or move constituents in structures derived from phrase structure rules

#9. a grammatical category designating the class of a noun as masculine or feminine (or neuter)

#10. the investigation of the distribution of grammatical forms in a language

#11. a situation in which a single phrase or sentence has two (or more) different underlying structures and interpretations

#12. the repeated application of a rule in generating structures

#13. an approach to grammar that has rules for the proper use of the language, traditionally based on Latin grammar

#14. the analysis of the structure of phrases and sentences

#15. a word such as (that) introducing a complement phrase

#16. a set of rules defining the possible sentences in a language

#17. a distinction based on the biological categories of male, female or neither

#18. the structure of individual sentences after the application of transformational rules to deep structure

#19. a structure such as (that Mary helped George) used to complete a construction beginning with a structure such as (Cathy knew)

#20. a distinction between the social roles of men and women


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