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Dear students, first you have to study the following literature definitions, then test your knowledge about what you read on the next page. Good Luck.

Allegory (الرمزية): an allegory is a narrative in which the characters often stand for abstract concepts. An allegory generally teaches a lesson by means of an interesting story.

Alliteration (الجناس): the repetition at close intervals of consonant sounds for a purpose. For example: wailing in the winter wind.

Allusion (التلميح): a reference to something in literature, history, mythology, religious texts, etc., considered common knowledge.

Ambiguity (الغموض): Double or even multiple meanings.

Analogy (القياس): a point-by-point comparison between two dissimilar things for the purpose of clarifying the less familiar of the two things.
Antagonist: the character or force that opposes the protagonist. (It can be a character, an animal, a force, or a weakness of the character.)

Apostrophe: the device, usually in poetry, of calling out to an imaginary, dead, or absent person, or to a place, thing, or personified abstraction either to begin a poem or to make a dramatic break in thought somewhere within the poem.

Assonance (الغناء): the repetition at close intervals of vowel sounds for a purpose. For example: mad as a hatter.

Ballad (القصة الشعرية): a narrative poem that was originally meant to be sung. Ballads are generally about ordinary people who have unusual adventures, with a single tragic incident as the central focus. They contain dialogue and repetition and imply more than they actually tell.

Cacophony (النشاز): Harsh, clashing, or dissonant sounds, often produced by combinations of words that require a clipped, explosive delivery, or words that contain a number of plosive consonants such as b, d, g, k, p, and t; the opposite of EUPHONY.

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