Quiz | Language and social variation

The questions in this quiz are from The Study of Language (THIRD EDITION) book written by GEORGE YULE.

This quiz is not only for BSED majoring in English but also for everyone, especially YOU!. . .

It contains different questions about the topic mentioned above. So, jump right in, and enjoy the quiz!


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#1. changing speech style from formal to informal or vice versa

#2. a phenomenon such as discrimination or segregation that separates social groups and creates marked differences between the social dialects of the groups

#3. adopting a speech style that emphasizes social distance by using forms that are different from those used by the person being talked to

#4. a group of people who share a set of norms and expectations regarding the use of language

#5. special technical vocabulary associated with a specific activity or topic as part of a register

#6. words or phrases that are avoided in formal speech, but are used in swearing

#7. the status of a speech style or feature as having positive value, but which is ‘hidden’ or not valued similarly among the larger community

#8. the study of the relationship between language and society

#9. words or phrases used instead of more conventional forms by those who are typically outside established higher-status groups

#10. a social dialect with low prestige spoken by a lower-status group, with marked differences from the standard language

#11. used after a vowel

#12. adopting a speech style that attempts to reduce social distance by using forms that are similar to those used by the person being talked to

#13. a way of speaking that is either formal/careful or informal/casual

#14. a feature of language use that distinguishes one group of speakers from another

#15. African American Vernacular English

#16. a conventional way of using language that is appropriate in a specific situation, occupation or topic, characterized by the use of special jargon

#17. modifying speech style toward convergence or away from divergence the perceived style of the person being talked to

#18. a linguistic feature that marks the speaker as a member of a particular social group

#19. the personal dialect of an individual speaker

#20. a factor that is used to identify one group of speakers as different from another

#21. status that is generally recognized as ‘better’ or more positively valued in the larger community

#22. African American English

#23. a variety of a language with features that differ according to the social status of the speaker


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