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Vocabulary Quiz 03


Test your vocabulary with these 10 questions.


Perfect, you did it!

Don’t Give Up

#1. _______ to popular belief, Pluto is not a planet.

#2. If you say you'd like _______ of cream on you're your strawberries then you don't want very much cream.

#3. I don't think Paul will ever get married — he's the stereotypical _______ bachelor.

#4. Not many people are good at assessing their own abilities and Mark must be _______ for recognising that he would never become a great musician.

#5. We'd all been at school together for 12 years and at our leaving celebrations we _______ eternal friendship.

#6. In her speech the Prime Minister _______ tribute to the valuable contributions to society made by voluntary organisations.

#7. Most critics praise that actor's work but I think he's rather _______.

#8. Tamara has set her _______ on becoming a ballet-dancer.

#9. The book _______ to a number of interesting research studies which I would really like to find out more about.

#10. The nuclear industry _______ most of the country's electrical power.

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