ELT Teaching Methodology Quiz 2

Methodology is “‘a contextual framework’ for research, a coherent and logical scheme based on views, beliefs, and values, that guides the choices researchers [or other users] make”.

#1. Before starting a listening activity, a teacher should ---------

#2. Reading is a -----------.

#3. Teacher : Who has a vehicle that can carry 20 people at once? Hint, many of you rode in one day. Students: a bus driver. The previous scenario is an example of a teaching strategy used in Listening and speaking classes. It is known as .........

#4. Teachers should use ..........

#5. ESL beginners in Arab countries tend to use the {b} sound instead of the {p} sound when pronouncing the word “ Protocol”. Which of the following types of negative L1 transfer could be used to describe this phenomenon?


Perfect, you did it!

Don’t Give Up

Bahaa Shammala

The CEO & Founder of YFG project.

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